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Countertop Surfaces

From sleek granite to rustic butcher block, our array of 12 countertop surfaces offers the perfect material to match your kitchen’s character and your unique style.



  • Natural Beauty
  • Classy and timeless

  • Porous surface (meaning it will stain and etch)
  • Needs to be resealed every 1-2 years
  • Expensive



  • Man-made surface
  • Stain, scratch, heat, acid and impact resistant
  • Non-porous surface, which means it doesn’t need to be sealed
  • Low maintenance

  • It’ll never be the real thing



  • All natural stone
  • Available in a variety of colors & tones
  • Sister surface to quartz

  • Needs to be sealed and resealed once a year
  • More expensive than quartz



  • Dense and non-porous
  • Easy to disguise small surface scratches with mineral oil

  • Susceptible to scratches and nicks
  • Typically found only in gray tones with varying veining patterns



  • Sanitary when properly sealed
  • Provides great work space for chopping and baking
  • Adds warmth & character

  • Requires maintenance
  • Scratches and dents



  • Stain, heat and water resistant when sealed
  • Customizable thickness, edges, color & texture
  • Not your typical countertop surface

  • Will patina over time
  • Requires maintenance



  • Comes in wide range of colors and variations
  • Polished or matte
  • Spills wipe up quickly
  • Non-porous material after it’s sealed
  • Cost effective

  • Absorbs everything if not properly sealed



  • Variety of beautiful, natural looking options
  • Heat resistance
  • Natural stone

  • High maintenance
  • Potential to burn
  • Spills need to be cleaned up quickly
  • Etching is fairly common



  • Heat endurance
  • Durability and hardness
  • Low water absorption
  • Easy maintenance

  • Easy to crack
  • The cost

Cabinet Door Styles

Open up a world of design possibilities with our versatile range of kitchen cabinet door types, each adding its own charm and character to your space.










Sink Types

Discover the art of functionality with our collection of 10 distinctive sink types, designed to elevate your kitchen’s efficiency while reflecting your personal flair.

Top-Mount, Drop-In, or Self-Rimming Sink


  • No special skills are needed for installation.
  • But most do-it-yourselfers can make sink cut-outs in laminate and even solid surface materials.
  • Overall cost is relatively low.

  • The sink’s rim prevents you from sweeping water and debris from the counter straight into the sink.
  • The rim adds yet another part of the sink that needs to be cleaned.
  • Some homeowners dislike the look of separation between sink and rim.

Undermount Sink


  • Undermount sinks allow you to sweep countertop water and crumbs straight into the sink with a sponge. These sinks have no rim to get in the way, making clean up a charm.
  • Smoother look is attractive to many homeowners.
  • Undermount sinks are often of higher quality than overmount sinks.

  • Though gunk does not build up on top, it will collect under the counter, where the sink and counter meet.
  • Undermount sinks are usually more expensive to buy and install than overmount sinks.
  • Undermounting may limit the size of your sink.

Double Basin/Bowl Sink


  • Multi-purpose and highly flexible.
  • Useful in households without dishwashers.

  • Either side can be too small to accommodate large pots, baking pans, or casseroles.
  • Some homeowners dislike the utilitarian appearance of a double sink.
  • Contemporary trends favor single-basin sinks.

Single Basin/Bowl Sink


  • The single basin is large enough to wash big items such as casseroles and cookie sheets.
  • Single basins are ideal for large capacity houses with many people and busy cooking operations.
  • If you like the look of an apron sink, you’re best off with a single basin.

  • Be prepared to have a drying area on the side of the sink, as single basin sinks have no room for this.
  • Single basins are less popular due to their inflexibility and small size.

Farmhouse or Apron Sink


  • These generously sized sinks make it easier to wash big casserole and baking pans.
  • Because there is less room between the sink and the edge of the counter, the person using the sink can move in a little bit closer to the sink, avoiding fatigue.
  • Many people love the “farmhouse” look of an apron sink.

  • Apron sinks are prone to dripping, as there is only a narrow barrier between the sink and the floor.
  • Can be very expensive compared to other sink styles.

Drainboard Sink


  • These smaller types of sinks are great in galley kitchens or any limited space.
  • Because the drainboard portion has a lip around it, it traps water and quickly drains it back to the sink.

  • Basins tend to be small in drainboard sinks. So if you love to cook and entertain lots of people, this sink may not be for you.
  • If you rarely wash dishes by hand you’ll have little use for the drainboard.

Low Divider Double Basin Sink


  • Low divider sinks are a perfect combination of single basin and double basin sinks. When you fill one side low with water, it works as a double basin sink. But if you need extra room for big pans, simply keep filling higher so that the water overflows the divider.
  • Most people find the low divider sink easier to use for food prep.

  • Since not many manufacturers offer low divider sinks, prices tend to be higher than for other types, such as single basin, double basin, and even farmhouse sinks.
  • While in theory, it can double for a single basin sink, the low divider sink has less room for large items such as casseroles or broiler pans.

Island, Bar, or Prep Sink


  • If you have the space, a second sink is always welcome. Install this sink in your kitchen island or at the far end of your main countertop.
  • Secondary sinks make it easier for multiple people to prep food at the same time.
  • These sinks are a great addition if you entertain frequently and want easy access to a bar sink while also preparing or cleaning up from a meal.

  • Some homeowners install these sinks with good intentions, yet rarely end up using them.
  • Depending on your kitchen layout, secondary sinks can take up valuable counter real estate.
  • Secondary sinks are a luxury that may break your budget unnecessarily.

Integrated Sink


  • With integrated sinks, the obtrusive rim is eliminated. The counter flows seamlessly into the sink.
  • Integrated sinks eliminate the under counter seam (prone to collecting debris and mold) found on undermount sinks.
  • Many homeowners love the look of integrated sinks.

  • Integrated sinks, common in bathrooms, are more difficult to find in the kitchen realm.
  • These are custom order items and, as a result, are rather expensive.
  • If the sink is damaged, it cannot simply be removed and replaced: it must be repaired.

Corner Sink


  • Some corner sinks are spaced wide enough to have a built-in drying area in the center section.
  • Corner sinks cleverly make use of notorious space-wasters: counter corners.

  • Corner sinks are rarely needed and are thus hard to find.
  • When you can find them, corner sinks are expensive.
  • Also, these sinks require custom cuts in the counters. Since most kitchen counters are seamed at the corners, these sinks are forced to bridge this seam, reducing the structural strength of the countertop in that area.

Subway Tile Patterns

Reveal the Magic of a Master Tiler

With tiling as my superpower, I craft breathtaking installations that showcase the kind of precision and flair you’d expect from a seasoned pro. Let’s make your dream design a reality!

Herringbone at 90 Degrees

Step Ladder

Classic Subway

Geometric Look

Classic with a Twist

Stacked Vertical

90 Degree Classic

Stacked Tile

Stacked Vertical Alternating

Classic Herringbone

Stacked Horizontal Alternating

Herringbone at 45 degrees

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For that final touch of elegance, explore our subway tile patterns, offering a versatile canvas to express your creativity.

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